Photon Torpedo UV Tools

Curing UV at the Speed of Light: The TommyGunn UV Photon Torpedo™ Series

  • Photon Torpedo Mini.jpg

Photon Torpedo™ Mini

Same power as the larger frame/ battery series, powered by a single lithium ion 18650, 3400MaH storage capacity, spring loaded lens cover, locking belt holster, charger operates both as a USB battery charger AND charge bank when the PT Mini is needed to charge something, rigid carrying case / storage box, UV protection glasses and UV absorbing gloves. 90 seconds complete cure time with mainstream UV primer products, on approximately 2’x2’ area, two coats. 110V AC adapter included for charger. $459.00

  • Photon Torpedo PT1.jpg

Photon Torpedo™ PT1

Larger frame and significantly increased battery capacity means increased durability and run times. Keep Power 5200 MaH Li Ion protected battery cell, Nitecore Intelligent I2 battery charging system and 110 volt input. All Photon Torpedo™UV curing lights have adjustable aspherical lenses offering a multitude of drying distances, a 5 minute integrated shut off timer, and share the same 90 second cure time ability with leading UV primer products. 20 second cure times with UV repair putty. Comes with UV protection glasses, gloves, hard shell case. $549.00

  • Photon Torpedo PT2.jpg

Photon Torpedo™ PT2

Exactly the same as the PT2 package except is powered by TWO of the massive Keep Power 26650 Lithium Ion , 5200 MaH protected battery cells. Higher production facilities with multi technician layout is the common scenario for choosing the PT2. Field technical trainers also enjoy the increased available usage between charges. All Photon Torpedo curing lights have circuitry designed to provide consistent output voltage throughout the charge span of the batteries, which means if it’s on, it's curing properly. $649.00

  • Photon Torpedo M12.jpg

Photon Torpedo™ M12 Conversion

The Milwaukee M12 Compatible Conversion UV LED offers the most in Photon Torpedo features, including the 6.0 MaH Lithium Ion battery pack, One hour fast charger, soft Milwaukee carrying case, and of course gloves and glasses for your protection. This is the only non-adjustable projection out of the four models we currently make, however the fixed focal length offers plenty of power and a substantial drying capacity. 90 degree swiveling lens housing and magnetic rear attachment means the tool has numerous fixed operation possibilities. Integrated 5 minute shut-down timer. If you are a fan of Milwaukee M12 powered tools, this powerful conversion will be a favorite, too. $749.00